Many homeowners dread hearing the words, “You need a new roof,” but actually, modernized roof systems on an otherwise solid and stable home could be a blessing in disguise. They’ll not only offer you upgraded protection, but a chance for a new look as well. Remember that as much as 40% of your home’s exterior is its roof, which means that switching to a new tile color can really make a difference in your overall aesthetic.

But more importantly, a new roof can save you money — in more ways than one! Here’s how:

Save on Energy Bills
Roofers know that up to 40% of heat loss in a home occurs through the attic. Proper and up-to-date insulation can save you money on your heating bills by making sure that the air circulating through the house to keep it at a comfortable temperature during the winter stays inside, rather than leaking out.

Additionally, certain roof materials are Energy Star certified and can deflect more of the sun’s rays, which heat up a home’s interior during the summer months. The surface temperature of your roof can be lowered by 100 degrees Fahrenheit simply by switching to Energy Star shingles. You might also get a tax credit!

Save on Insurance
An impact resistant roof in Denver is a must due to the high frequency of hail storms. Local roofers understand what materials are best for our climate — and in turn, your insurance company will thank you for taking measures to protect your home.

With shingles, you also want to consider the material’s wind rating. Colorado also gets its share of tornadoes, and insurance companies like to see high wind ratings on at-risk homes. Some technologies now provide resistance up to130 miles per hour!

Yes, a new roof is a significant investment for any homeowner. But that’s just it: it’s an investment not only in the future and safety of your home, but future maintenance costs as well.

With the right materials and a good roofer’s know-how, you’ll only have to worry about a roof replacement once in your lifetime. The rest will take care of itself!